Investment Advisory Connecting People With Purpose Investment Advisory Connecting People With Purpose

Investment Advisory Connecting People With Purpose

Invest in a sustainable future empowered by advanced technology and expert advisors

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Easy To Start

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Getting started on socially responsible investing with BeniGro doesn’t require special qualifications or knowledge. Let us know what your values, interests and goals are, and start making a difference with your investments!

No Investment Portfolio Minimum

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The first step of your investment journey should be within your reach. Invest at your leisure and at any capacity with no required investment portfolio minimum.

Reach Your Financial Goals

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The fruits of your investment strategy can make a lasting impact beyond your own financial goals. With socially responsible investing, you can reach your financial goals and contribute to a better world.

Support A Sustainable Future

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Change and progress are neither easy, nor cheap to achieve. By choosing to support the changemakers and the visionaries with your investments, you help bring progress one step closer.

Low Transparent Fee

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Whether you are familiar with investing or you are entering this space, we promise you the best-in-class industry experts dedicated to your growth for a quarterly fee of only 0.5%.
<p>Invest Smarter.<br />
Invest For A Better World.</p>

Invest Smarter.
Invest For A Better World.

Investment Advisory As Comprehensive As It Is User Friendly

Holistic Approach

Holistic Approach

 Personal Advisory On Demand

Personal Advisory On Demand

Customized Portfolios

Customized Portfolios

Top Investment Advisors

Top Investment Advisors

Advanced Technology

Advanced Technology

Smart Investing Is
Socially Responsible Investing 

The World Is Embracing Sustainability

The value of sustainable investment assets has grown more than 600% over the last decade — and it shows no signs of stopping.

Markets Are Demanding Transparency

86% of U.S. consumers believe that total transparency should be one of the main goals of any business.

Today Profit Equals Purpose

Purpose-driven businesses boast as much as 30% higher innovation level.

Investment Advisory Experts' Take

Investment Advisory Experts' Take

You do not have to spend millions to drive meaningful progress.

Start small, dream big

Bianca Mauro

CEO, BeniGro LLC

Companies with better ESG profiles
are performing better than their peers,

enjoying a sustainability premium.

Larry Fink

CEO, BlackRock 

Successful companies of the future will be those that

integrate business and employees'
personal values.

Jeroen van der Veer

Chairman, Phillips

The first key to investing is finding a philosophy

to stick with through thick and thin.

David Booth

Founder and Executive Chairman, Dimensional Fund Advisors

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