Investment Portfolios Tailored To Your Financial Goals

Investment Portfolios Tailored To Your Financial Goals

Access award-winning investment methodology and exclusive technology for sustainable investing

Customized Investment Portfolios
Powered By Advanced Technology

Meet your financial goals with BeniGro’s simple, automated,
hassle-free investing platform

Nobel Prize-Winning Investment Methodology

Take advantage of an investment strategy, based on the research of Nobel Prize laureate Eugene Fama, "the father of modern finance"

Latest Investment Technology

Unlock the potential of our exclusive, AI-powered investment planning technology now available to individual investors

Personalized Investment Advisory

Leverage our complimentary investment advisory services and no investment minimum to optimize your portfolio

The Partnership Behind Your
Investment Portfolio

BeniGro joined forces with Betterment to combine
investment expertise with technology

Build Your Custom Investment Portfolio

Answer a <br>few questions

Answer a
few questions

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Build a portfolio that suits your goals

Build a portfolio that suits your goals

Leave the rest<br> to us

Leave the rest
to us

Build Your Custom Investment Portfolio?

Why Choose BeniGro Investment Portfolios?

Performance-driven investment strategy

Combine the benefits of growth-driven and value-based investment strategies with BeniGro’s low-cost, globally diversified ETF portfolios.

Climate impact investment opportunities

Invest in a portfolio that promotes lowering greenhouse gas emissions to help fight climate change.

Social impact investment opportunities

Make a meaningful social impact by investing in a portfolio that supports gender equality, fair labor practices and inclusivity.

Patented investment methodology

Achieve sustainable profitability with Dimensional Fund Advisors' patented methodology. Invest in assets with smaller market capitalizations and lower relative prices.
Investment Advisory Experts' Take

Investment Advisory Experts' Take

You do not have to spend millions to drive meaningful progress.

Start small, dream big

Bianca Mauro

CEO, BeniGro LLC

Companies with better ESG profiles
are performing better than their peers,

enjoying a sustainability premium.

Larry Fink

CEO, BlackRock

Successful companies of the future will be those that

integrate business and employees'
personal values.

Jeroen van der Veer

Chairman, Phillips

The first key to investing is finding a philosophy

to stick with through thick and thin.

David Booth

Founder and Executive Chairman, Dimensional Fund Advisors